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The Dis-United Kingdom – Culture beyond London 
Matthew Jackson

The third day will look at the different cultures that make up the UK – England (Northern and Southern), Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

The first session will look at examples of regional culture as seen through examples taken from popular culture, e.g. music, television programmes, combined with ideas about how to use these and other authentic materials in class.

The second session will look at different regional stereotypes, positive and negative – the mean Scotsman, the snobbish upper-class Southerner versus the down-to-earth Northerner, how these stereotypes arose and how they compare to reality.  Do standard ELT materials promote a stereotypical view of British culture? Is this important to students?

The third and final session will take a look at the linguistic side of regional diversity and its expression in accent and regional dialect. Obviously, we teach students standard English (in Britain RP English) but does only giving students exposure to an accent that only 2% of the population actually use, help or hinder them in real communicative situations?

Last but not least, you will leave with 6 ready-to-use lesson ideas and teacher’s notes, for your classes in the new school year as well as endless culture podcasts for your culture lessons.