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Teaching Culture in the ELT Classroom
Matthew Jackson

The second day of the ELT Forum will be devoted to how to teach culture in the ELT Classroom.

We will discuss why teach culture in ELT lessons at all in the Lingua Franca world where the majority of English language speakers or learners live, work and communicate outside the original English language countries.

Then we will look at some student activities, discuss how to increase student contact with real English outside of class, and foster learner autonomy. We will also have a look at resources available for different age groups and put ourselves in the shoes of our students taking part in a few quizzes.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Matt will also engage us in the discussion on sociolinguistics. He is currently teaching in Spain where he has noticed that Spanish students often say "wait!", which sounds more like an order than "hold on"/"hang on". As a group, we will generate some similar Polish examples and look at how to include sociolinguistic awareness into the teaching of the English language and culture, which will help the students sound more natural when communicating in English.

Last but not least, you will leave with 6 ready-to-use lesson ideas and teacher’s notes, for your classes in the new school year as well as endless culture podcasts for your culture lessons.