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1.09 THE U.K.

The United Kingdom: the past, the present and the future 
Matthew Jackson

The first day of the ELT Forum will be devoted to the past, the present and the future

In the first session, we will the United Kingdom’s past. You will be encourage to get into groups and put together what you know about the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, the Romans, various kings and queens and Matt will follow up on all to create a clear timeline of the historical events.

In the second session, we will gather information and the current political and social scene. Again, you will have a chance to share what you know about Brexit which is a hot topic these days, as well as other aspects of the recent political situation e.g. Scottish independence. Matt will elaborate further on what has been discussed and issues such immigration, how constitution affects politics, and the whole panorama of recent societal change.

And finally, in the last session we will speculate about the possible future scenarios. Where is Brexit taking the United Kingdom and how the rest of the European Union countries can be affected.

Last but not least, you will leave with 6 ready-to-use lesson ideas and teacher’s notes, for your classes in the new school year as well as endless culture podcasts for your culture lessons.